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Grooming Tips - How to brush a dog at home

November 18, 2023 1 min read

Grooming Tips - How to brush a dog at home

If you want to keep your dog’s coat in good condition between grooming sessions, or if you can’t visit a professional groomer for some reason, you need to learn how to brush, wash and dry your dog at home. This is especially important for dogs with short hair or young puppies. In this online course by Transgroom, a leading supplier of grooming products and services, you will learn from Kitty Ponnet, an expert groomer with over 20 years of experience, how to do it the right way. She will demonstrate how to use the proper tools and methods to make your dog’s fur clean and shiny. You will also see how to handle different situations, such as wet or dirty fur, and how to avoid common mistakes. Watch the video and discover how to groom your dog like a pro!