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Shipping and Returns

Order Amount

· Retail purchases Less Than $250.00, Shipping Costs at Market Rates (Canada and International)

· Retail purchases Over $250.00 (before taxes) (Canada Only), Shipping costs included

· Purchases that are part of a discount program, Shipping costs at Market Rates

Your order will be sent by our preferred carrier with the standard level of service. Bulk or oversized items carry an additional charge from the shipping companies we utilize. Some examples are large quantities of gallon size liquids, long teaser wands, pet beds and so on. Basically, anything that’s large or heavy or that requires special
handling due to size.

Defects & Damages

We are so sorry to hear that your product arrived with defects or damaged! I would be happy to help with repair or replacement of the product.  You must contact us with 24 hours of product receipt. To allow us to quality your claim and a means of processing repair or replacement. Shipping and handling will be at customers expense. Please provide Full pictures of the box outside and inside as well as the damage product, to help speed the process along.


Returns follows the policies of our suppliers. If you wish to return a product consult with us first. Items that have been used are not eligible for return. Common examples of such items are clippers, trimmers, blades, shears (scissors), beds, toys, clothing, treats and so on.

Buyer is responsible for contacting Custom Pet Boutique within 24-48 Hours of the expected delivery date of parcel. (Check your tracking number for delivery date from Courier)

After 48 hours absolved Custom Pet Boutique of all liability.

No guarantee on shipped liquids as per all courier companies policy. Custom Pet Boutique will do everything possible to ensure your liquids will be delivered unharmed.

Some returns may be subject to restocking charges of 25%.

It is the policy of our company that returns of products purchased with a credit card will be subject to a 5% fee. This fee is intended to cover the costs associated with processing the return and refund, as well as any additional expenses incurred by the company. Customers are encouraged to carefully review their purchases before completing the transaction to minimize the need for returns. We believe that this policy strikes a fair balance between protecting our business interests and ensuring a positive customer experience.

Extra Insurance Coverage

2.00 per $100.00 value of order

What is Shipping Insurance?

The shipping insurance covers your entire order for any damages that may occur during transportation and we highly recommend that it is purchased especially for Clippers, Trimmers,
delicate items or expensive orders. By selecting this we will take care of any issues caused by the shipper. If you select our insurance, what we would require is for you to contact us ASAP via email and provide your transaction, invoice or sales order number, a brief description of the exact damages as well as pictures of the damages and we will work with you to either replace the items or refund you for the damages items only. If you do not select this then you would make your claim with the shipping company.

Lost Orders

Orders shipped via Expedited Parcel using Canada Post are not considered lost until it has been 10 business days from time of shipment. Shipping Insurance is automatically included for all orders up to a maximum $100 value. Optional shipping insurance is available at checkout time and will be calculated for you based on the order value. You may decline this coverage – however, CUSTOM PET BOUTIQUE CANNOT assume liability for any lost or damaged shipments exceeding the $100 value unless the optional insurance is in effect.

In addition, clearance or sale items do not received free shipping.

The following postal codes are excluded from free shipping because of the high cost of shipping to all postal codes in Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, A0A-A0Z, A1K-A1M, A1S-A2Z, A5A-A8A, G0G, J0M, P0L, P0T, P0V, R0B, R0C, S0A-S0Z, T0A-T0Z, T1G, T1M, T4A-T4X, T7A-T7V, T8L, T8S-T8X, T9H-T9K, V0A-V0Z and some remote and rural locations.

The list is subject to change from time to time. Free shipping is by least costly method to your postal code. If you prefer a different level of service you must pay the cost difference.

Bulk or oversized items carry an additional charge from the shipping companies we utilize, and therefore do not qualify for free shipping. Some examples are large quantities of gallon and 2.5 gallon size liquids, Large rooming travel boxes, tables & tubs, super giant pet beds, long teaser wands and so on. Basically, anything that’s unusually large or dense or that requires special handling due to size. Please note that oversized items are subject to change at any time without notice.

Shipping Rates:

(the following prices are approx.)

In order to provide our customers with the lowest possible shipping rates, all orders will have their shipping calculated separately and billed once the final order has been placed. With this method, bulk orders will receive better shipping rates than smaller orders. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order or shipping, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Size 26” Long x 3.5” High x 3.5” Wide:
Weight 2 LBS = approx. 12 Teasers


British Columbia: $21.50
Alberta: $21.00
Saskatchewan: $21.00
Manitoba: $21.00
Ontario: $24.50
Quebec: $24.50
Newfoundland and Labrador: $26.50
Nova Scotia: $26.50
New Brunswick: $26.50
Prince Edward Island: $26.50
Yukon: $28.50
Northwest Territories: $26.50
Nunavut: $31.50

 For Extra Long Teasers  37” Long add approx. $2.50 to shipping charges. USA for lengths up to 37” with approx. 12 Teasers 2 lbs deliver time approx. 5 days (all duties and customs are responsibility of the customer)

The United States of America

Alaska: $31.50
Alabama: $29.50
American Samoa: $31.50
Arkansas: $29.50
Arizona: $29.50
Armed Forces America: $29.50
Armed Forces Europe: $29.50
Armed Forces Pacific: $29.50
California: $29.50
Colorado: $29.50
Connecticut: $31.50
District of Columbia: $31.50
Delaware: $31.5
Florida: $31.50
Georgia: $31.50
Guam: $31.50
Hawaii: $31.50
Iowa: $30.00
Idaho: $27.50
Illinois: $30.00
Indiana: $30.00
Kansas: $30.00
Kentucky: $30.00
Louisiana: $29.00
Maine: $30.50
Maryland: $31.50
Massachusetts: $31.50
Marshall Islands: $31.50
Michigan: $30.50
Micronesia: $31.50
Minnesota: $28.00
Minor Outlying Isis: $31.50

Missouri: $30.50
Mississippi: $30.50
Montana: $27.50
North Carolina: $31.00
North Dakota: $27.50
North Mariana Isis: $31.50
Nebraska: $30.00
New Hampshire: $31.00
New Jersey: $31.00
New Mexico: $31.00
Nevada: $30.00
New York: $31.50
Ohio: $30.50
Oklahoma: $30.00
Oregon: $29.50
Palau: $31.50
Pennsylvania: $30.50
Puerto Rico: $31.50
Rhode Island: $31.50
South Carolina: $31.50
South Dakota: $28.50
Tennessee: $30.50
Texas: $31.00
Utah: $31.00
Virgin Islands: $31.50
Virginia: $31.50
Vermont: $31.50
Washington: $27.50
West Virginia: $31.00
Wisconsin: $31.00
Wyoming: $27.50