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The Sentinel Stripper W92 Detailer

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Elevate your grooming precision with the Sentinel Stripper W91 Detailer—the ultimate tool for wire-coated breeds. Designed for intricate work on ears, faces, and tails, this handstripping knife offers unmatched accuracy. Its innovative design features a versatile point, side, and head, each with handcrafted teeth for meticulous detailing.

Superior Craftsmanship: The W91 Detailer stands out with its handcrafted quality, meeting the exacting standards of professional groomers. It enables a grooming finesse that surpasses conventional tools, ensuring every cut is precise.

Enhanced Grooming Experience: As an extension of a groomer’s expertise, the W91 Detailer facilitates precise handstripping, preserving the natural texture of wire coats. Its ergonomic build and specialized teeth allow for efficient, comfortable grooming sessions for both groomer and pet.

Redefining Grooming Standards: With the W91 Detailer, Sentinel redefines excellence in dog grooming. This tool is a testament to the brand’s dedication to equipping professionals with superior grooming instruments. Investing in the W91 Detailer is investing in perfection, guaranteeing impeccable grooming results every time.