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Yuppy Puppy Bathing Brushe and Peanut Brush

Introducing the Yuppy Puppy Bathing Brushes, available in two versatile versions: the Large and the PEANUT. Whether you’re pampering your furry friend or catering to tiny paws, our innovative brushes deliver exceptional results. Say goodbye to tedious bath times and hello to a cleaner, happier pet!

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Bathing:

    • Speeds up bathing time, so you can spend more quality moments with your pet.
    • Soft yet firm bristles create a luxurious lather, ensuring thorough cleaning.
  2. Effective Dirt Removal:

    • Gently lifts and removes dirt, debris, and undercoat.
    • Scrubs dirty paws, nails, and greasy ears, leaving your pet fresh and revitalized.
  3. Skin Health and Comfort:

    • Softly exfoliates the skin, promoting circulation and descaling lesions.
    • Allows air to reach the skin, aiding faster healing of “hotspots.”
  4. Enhanced Shampoo Performance:

    • Improves the effectiveness of both medicated and regular shampoos.
    • Leaves your pet smelling delightful for longer.
  5. Thoughtful Design:

    • Specially designed easy-grip handle ensures full control and less hand stress.
    • Easy to clean with your favorite sanitizer.
    • Individually packaged with a convenient hangtag.
  6. Versatility:

    • Works wonders on dogs, cats, and even horses.
    • Creative groomers love it for fast and thorough color saturation.

Vibrant Colors Available:

  • Choose from Purple, Aqua, and Orange for a pop of personality during bath time.
  • Exciting new MINI version available for delicate areas and tiny breeds, in Purple only.

Treat your pet to the ultimate spa-like experience with Yuppy Puppy!