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Aesculap Coat Shears Straight

Introducing our exceptional grooming shears, expertly crafted from high-quality Japanese stainless steel, celebrated for its exceptional sharpness and remarkable durability. These shears are the perfect companion for all coat types, particularly those with fine hair, such as Yorkshire terriers, Maltese, poodles, and more.

Designed with your comfort and precision in mind, our grooming shears feature short handles that prevent rapid-onset fatigue, allowing for effortless and precise clipping. The ergonomic design of the handles also includes additional finger grooves, ensuring maximum comfort during extended grooming sessions.

To cater to your specific needs, our shears come equipped with a special adjusting screw, allowing for easy adaptation of the cutting course. This feature enables you to achieve the perfect trim for your pet with ease.

Experience the difference in grooming with our high-quality Japanese stainless steel shears – the ultimate tool for achieving professional results while ensuring the utmost comfort for both you and your furry friend.