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Aesculap Favorita CLi

The new, cordless Favorita CLi combines state-of-the-art technology with high performance. Thanks to the InfoLED display, you always have the operating status of your clipper in view.

With the Aesculap Favorita CLi, you can bring the latest generation of the cordless Favoritainto your home. The innovative and powerful battery clipper is designed for professional use on cattle, horses and pets. The battery-operated model has an integrated "InfoLED Display", so you can read the battery charge status as well as oil and cleaning instructions at any time. The high-quality, brushless EC motor has an enormous pulling power of 3.300 strokes per minute. The latest technology Li-Ion battery promises extremely long operating timescompared to the previous model.

The ergonomicand perfectly balanced clipper weighs only 390 grams with battery and clipper head, which ensures low-fatigue working even over longer periods of time. The clipper is very quietin operation with only 63 dBA, making it ideal for nervous or anxious animals. The charging station with LED indicators and charging slots for machine and spare battery completes the Favorita CLi. The delivery does not include a shaving head (suitable: item no. 13510).