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Aesculap Modelling (Blending/Thinning) Shears Fine

Introducing our premium grooming shears, meticulously crafted from the highest quality Japanese stainless steel, celebrated for its exceptional sharpness and enduring durability. These shears are the pinnacle of precision and reliability, designed to enhance every aspect of your grooming experience.

Equipped with 40 teeth featuring a precision prism grind, our shears excel at securely gripping the coat and ensuring a natural, even coat course. Whether you need to blend hard cutting edges, add the finishing touches, or texture transitional areas, these shears are the ultimate tool for achieving impeccable results.

Bid farewell to grooming fatigue with our shears' ingeniously designed short handle parts. These handles not only prevent rapid-onset fatigue but also significantly enhance the ease of clipper movement, enabling you to maintain precise control with effortless strokes.

Engineered for your utmost comfort, our shears feature ergonomically designed eyes with removable finger rests, guaranteeing a comfortable grip throughout your grooming sessions. Even during extended use, you can count on these shears to provide a secure and comfortable hold.

Customize your grooming experience with ease using our shears' special adjusting screw, which allows for quick adaptation of the cutting course. This feature empowers you to achieve the exact trim you desire, ensuring consistently professional results.

Elevate your grooming prowess with our top-of-the-line Japanese stainless steel shears – the ultimate choice for precision, comfort, and durability in every grooming task.