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Aluminum Finisher Comb

This black-handled Eclipse comb is made of lightweight aluminum and is perfect for detailing work on your pet’s fur. It has a special curve that matches the natural curve of your pet’s body, so you can use the entire comb without poking the middle or having too long teeth on the sides.

It has a mix of fine and medium teeth, so you can use it to detail, comb, or fluff your pet’s hair.

The handle is flat and hand-polished for a better grip. The teeth are rounded and smooth for durability and rust resistance. The comb is only 22 grams in weight and has a tine length of "(mm) and an overall length of "(mm). It is suitable for small to medium dogs and for combing faces and small areas.

This comb is great for dogs of all sizes. It glides gently through your pet’s fur without irritation. It easily removes loose hair, tangles, and mats.

TIP: You can use this comb to straighten your pet’s hair while using a heated fluff dryer, and then finish with cool air to set the hair.