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Show Tech Grippy Fingers

If you want to hand strip your dog and prefer using your fingers instead of a stripping knife or stone, we recommend our Grippy Fingers, re-usable rubber finger thimbles/condoms with a unique anti-slip surface to give extra grip when hand stripping your dog.  

A hand(y) stripping tool 

What makes ours better than the other rubber thimbles out there?  

Here’s why: 

  • Reusable: Our thimbles are made from a thicker rubber. Because of this stronger and thicker material, Show Tech Grippy Fingers are reusable!  
  • Thicker yet practical: Though these Grippy Fingers are thicker, you can still feel the hairs between your fingers. This is of course very important when hand stripping a dog. You really want to feel each hair.  
  • Anti-slip: Another important feature of the Grippy Fingers are the small studs on the front and back. These anti-slip surfaces will help you grab and hold the hair tighter. This way, you can work faster and with more detail. 
  • Protects your fingers and skin: They also protect your skin from becoming sore and prevent blisters from hand stripping.  
  • Gentle on your dog, its coat and skin: Not only your fingers are protected; your dog and his coat and skin as well. With the Grippy Fingers, all hairs will be pulled out without damaging the coat. They are ideal for hand stripping show dogs, in situations where every hair is important and must be totally plucked from root to tip, and for plucking hair from the dog’s ears.  
  • Help repairing the coat: Grippy Fingers are also used if your beloved four-legged friend’s coat has been clipped or stripped with a sharp stripping knife, because they help to pull out entire hairs from root to tip, so the coat can recover. By pulling out a few soft hairs, there will be place again in the follicle to produce coarser or more rough hairs. Your dog’s coat will be wiry again! 

It’s all in the details 

  • Made from rubber
  • Available in packs of 25 
  • 2 sizes: medium or large. You might need a large for your thumb and a medium for your index finger.  
  • Circumference: 1.7 cm 
    Length: 6 cm* 

* All measurements are approximate.