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Experto Fine 5-in-1 Titanium Enhanced Blade (NEW)

NEW - Metal Tab and Switch on all Fine Blades (Lasts longer than other 5 in 1 blades)

Being a true revolution, this ultrasharp blade consists of a 440C stainless-steel lower blade and an ultrafine ceramic upper blade with ultrasophisticated titanium coating. The ceramic guarantees a low heat transfer and less friction, allowing longer and faster clipping while reducing the risk of clipper burns and preventing skin irritation. This Fine 5-in-1 Titanium Enhanced Blade is perfect for to do detailed or finishing clipping work!

Adjustable fine blade

Thanks to the brand-new technology used to coat the ceramic with titanium, the blade will stay sharp much longer than regular blades. This way you will be able to enjoy your clipping equipment longer! Using this ultrafine blade, you can do detail work, the finishing clipping work or clip parts of fine coats with great attention to precision and detail. The lever at the bottom of the blade lets you adjust and choose between 5 different clipping lengths: 0.25 mm, 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm and 2 mm.

The great thing about this blade is that it not only fits the Show Tech Experto clipper but other brands as well.

Do you want to clip thicker or woolly coats? Then the medium blade is a better choice.

It’s all in the details

  • Gives you an exceptional performance for detail clipping and a precise smooth finish on fine coats
  • Material lower blade: 440C stainless steel
    Material upper blade: ceramic with titanium coating
  • Adjustable cutting lengths: 0.25 mm (#40), 0.5 mm (#30), 1 mm (#15), 1.5 mm (#10) and 2 mm (#9)
  • Compatible with the Show Tech Experto, Depending on what model of Wahl It may not work well. Wahl Arco, Wahl Bravura, Wahl Chromado, the Wahl Creativa, Wahl Figura, Wahl Motion Clippers, Andis Pulse Li 5 and Supra Li 5 clippers and with Wahl Snap-On Combs
  • Width of blade: 45 mm

Use instructions


Hold the clipper face up with one hand and press down on the teeth at the top of the blade using your thumb until the blade it is unclicked. Hold out your other hand and use it to catch the blade and to avoid dropping it.


Hold the clipper face down with one hand and align the bottom of the blade with the middle of the recess at the back of the clipper. Make sure that the lever at the bottom of the blade comes over the clipper. Push the centre and upper part of the blade down until it snaps into place.


Cleaning: Press and hold the top of the blade. Use the cleaning brush to remove hair from between the upper and lower blades.  A can of compressed air also helps remove extra hair between upper and lower blades.
Oiling: Use 1 to 2 drops of the lubricating on the blade starting on each side and middle of blade.  Run blade to move the oil completely over the surface.
Note: Do not detach the blade spring while maintaining to avoid malfunctioning.