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Favorita Clipper

The Favorita Clipper, a heavy-duty cordless A5 clipper designed for optimal comfort and control. Experience powerful, energy-efficient clipping that effortlessly shears through thick, matted coats, all encased in an unbreakable casing. German engineering meets a cool-running high torque motor in a slim, ergonomic design.


    • Powerful Clipping: Specifically developed motor and planetary gear for constant, efficient clipping. Easily cuts through heavily matted and pelted coats.
    • Cool Running: The powerful, low-speed design keeps the clipper cooler.
    • Ergonomic Design: Slim and comfortable for optimal handling.

    Discover the flexibility of the Aesculap Akkurata with its variety of attachment combs, allowing tailored grooming for different breeds and fur types. Its energy-efficient design supports environmental sustainability, and the durable materials ensure a long-lasting performance. Trusted by professionals, the Akkurata stands as a symbol of innovation in pet grooming.

    The Kit:

    • Favorita Clipper: Heavy-duty power in a cordless A5 clipper, engineered for efficiency and durability.
    • Two Rechargeable Batteries: Ensuring uninterrupted grooming with 60 minutes of battery run time and 50-minute charge time.
    • Charging Station with Two Charging Ports: Conveniently charges both batteries, keeping your clipper ready for action.
    • #10 Blade: Precision crafted for optimal cutting performance, suitable for various grooming tasks.
    • Case and Clipper Oil: Securely stores the clipper and accessories, with oil to maintain peak performance.
    • Note on Compatibility: Wide blades built by other manufacturers will not shorten the rocker arm life, ensuring the longevity of your Favorita Clipper.

    Precision and Power: The Favorita Clipper

    Akkurata Distinctions

    Technical Specs

    Mode of operation: Battery
    Power: 3 Watt
    Battery technology: Li-Ion
    Battery capacity: 800 mAh
    Battery life: approx. 100 min
    Battery charging time: approx. approx. 60 min
    Sound pressure level: approx. 60 dB
    Cutting speed: approx. 4.800 strokes/minute
    Weight: 250 g (incl. battery and shaving head)
    Clipper head system: Aesculap Special
    Shaving head: 3-way adjustable: 0,5 / 1,5 / 2,5 mm
    Cutting width: 40 mm

    A Commitment to Quality: The Favorita Clipper Advantage