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Favorita Clipper

Heavy duty power in a cordless A5 clipper

450 g including battery and blade (16 oz)
65 dB quiet operation
19 cm long (7 1/2”)
5.5 cm wide (2 5/32”)
4 cm deep (1 19/32”)


This clipper features a specifically developed motor and planetary gear to provide constant, powerful clipping whilst remaining energy efficient. It can shear heavily matted and pelted coats effortlessly. It is so powerful that it does not need to run at a very high speed, keeping it cooler. This clipper features a slim, ergonomic design for optimal comfort and control.

It is supported in Canada with a 2 Year Warranty. Let’s do our part to protect the environment by purchasing products that last more than a year. This model is available only in red. It is certified with a CSA or equivalent electrical rating to be legal to operate in Canada and to ensure your insurance coverage remains valid.


  • Designed and made in Germany
  • 2 year warranty
  • Accepts snap on blades in traditional and wide width formats
  • All steel internal components and blade drive
  • Unbreakable casing
  • Easily cuts through thick, heavy coats
  • Reliable with a long service life
  • Suitable for the tough jobs at grooming salons, veterinary surgeries and for large animals
  • Single speed 2,300 SPM cool-running, 30 W high torque motor
  • 60 minutes battery run time with 50 minute charge time
  • Kit includes the clipper with a #10 blade, two rechargeable batteries, a charging station with two charging ports, case, and clipper oil
  • Wide blades built by other manufacturers will not shorten rocker arm life