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Featherlight Swirl Combi Comb 25 cm

When scissoring your dog’s coat, your joints and muscles sometimes have to endure a great deal of stress. That’s why Show Tech+ has developed ergonomic combs that are light as a feather. Thanks to the spine made from aluminium, these combs are the finest and lightest available! To prevent damage to coat and skin, each polished, stainless steel tooth has a rounded tip. This precision tool is designed to take the ordinary scissoring a level higher and allow you to work with a quicker and more precise technique in a fraction of time.   

The Show Tech+ Featherlight Curved Combs are undoubtedly the perfect tool for finishing your dog’s coat. The scissor over comb technique is one of the most frequently used methods for scissoring drop coated breeds and that’s when these curved combs come in handy. They are also a true asset when shaping the feet and belly line of volume coats like that of the American Cocker Spaniel. These curved combs make it ideal to fit the shape of your dog’s body, letting you scissor on the full length of the comb instead of just one small area. In a nutshell: a multi-functional finishing comb to scissor the coat of every scissorable breed. People who already have them confirm that they are a real must-have and once you have purchased one, more surely will follow.

Both left- and right-handers can use them. The curved shape allows you to follow the natural curves of your dog’s body and makes them ideal to help you style the round parts of your dog, such as the head.

Not suitable for detangling.DO NOT USE COMB FOR PLUCKING OUT MATS Available in different sizes. The 19 cm comb is suited for small to medium-sized dog breeds and the 25 cm one for bigger dogs.