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Geib Narrow Blades

Geib Blades are Premium Quality;

Fits all A-5 Type Machines(this means snap on style)

High Quality Material; Precise Tolerances.

Stainless clipper blades are available in the following sizes: 50(.05mm), 40(.1mm), 30(.5mm), 15(1mm), 10(1.6mm), 9(2mm), 7F(3mm), 7(3mm), 5F(6mm), 5(6mm), 4F(9mm), 4(9mm), 3F(13mm), 3(13mm), 5/8"(16mm), 3/4"(19mm), and 1" (25mm).

F stands for Finish blade.

Blades 7, 5, 4,and 3 are Skip Tooth.