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Groom-X Wall-Mounted Plexi Blade Holder for 15 Blades

There’s nothing more annoying than grooming tools lying around everywhere in your salon. Not only does it give a rather sloppy impression to customers; time is also very precious to all of us! Obviously, wasting time by having to keep searching for the right tool around your salon on tables and in messy drawers isn’t exactly ideal.

Thanks to this helpful holder made out of plexi glass, you can keep your clipper blades organised and ready to use. You save time but also space by keeping your clipper blades in this blade rack. Because of the compact design, it allows you to display them and to have a nice overview of the different sizes while grooming.

The durable, acrylic rack mounts easily on any vertical surface and can keep up to 15 blades handy and safe. All types of clipper blades, for example the Aesculap and Show Tech Wide, fit in this system perfectly next to each other.

It’s all in the details

  • Wall-mounted holder
  • Space for 15 blades
  • Measurements:
    Length: 40 cm
    Height: 7.5 cm
    Bottom with the slots: 7.5 cm deep
    Width of the slots for the clipper blades: 1 cm*
  • Blades and screws to hang up the rack are not included.
  • The following clipper blades are NOT compatible: 21STE026, 21STE029, 21AND014, 21OST005, 21OST006, 21OST007, 21OST010, 21OST011, 21OST014, 21OST040

* All measurements are approximate.