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PawMarks Latex Bands 3/8 Medium Weight Top Knot

PawMarks Colored Latex Bands (Same as Lainee) - Lg - 3/8 inch medium weight. These latex bands are gentle on the hair and help maintain the coat’s quality. Unlike rubber bands and scrungies, they don’t cause hair damage or breakage. Each bag contains about 1000 bands. Store them away from light and heat for longer durability.


  • Ideal for top-knots!
  • Same as Lainee’s brand of latex bands.
  • Made of medical grade latex
  • About 1000 bands per pack
  • 3/8" Size: Designed for Standard Poodles and other breeds like Afghan Hounds, Bearded Collies, etc. Comes in White, Black, Shocking Pink, Baby Blue, Turquoise, and Metallic Sapphire
  • 5/16" Size: Suitable for smaller dogs with medium to long coats, such as: Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Havanese, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, etc. Available in Clear, White, Black, Hot Pink, Purple, Hot Green, Hot Orange, Vivid Blue and Aqua.