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Mini Diamondg Cordless Rotary Tool

Introducing our latest and greatest rotary tools! They're now USB chargeable, light and easy to use, and perfect for shows!

  • The 8-volt lithium-ion batteries provide up to four days of full-time use without needing to charge.
  • The main bearing is sealed to prevent nail dust from seizing the motor, a unique feature not found on any other rotary tools.
  • At only 6 inches long, 40% smaller in diameter, and 4 ounces lighter than our larger model, it's easier to hold and maneuver, making it great for traveling.
  • The lighted tip helps you visualize your dog's nails.
  • It includes the tool, charger, storage bag, and standard sandpaper drum bits.
  • It fits all models of our Diamondg bits, including the shafted and enhanced models (bits sold separately).
  • Our rotary tool comes with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.