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NaturPet Urinary Care 100ML

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) can cause your pet a lot of discomfort and pain. If your pet has frequent, small, or painful urination, dark or bloody urine, or a strong odor, they may have a UTI. NaturPet’s Urinary Care can help your pet feel better and prevent further complications. Urinary Care is a natural oral solution and a urinary antiseptic that cleans, soothes, and restores the urinary tract. Water is essential for your pet’s urinary and liver health, so make sure they drink enough.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates infections effectively and completely.
  • Lowers bacterial levels and removes toxins and wastes.
  • Reduces inflammation and irritation of the urinary tract.
  • Stops bleeding and eases pain.
  • Prevents gravel and stones from forming.
  • Lowers the chance of recurrence when used regularly.
  • Works for both cats and dogs.

Made in Canada