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Package Deal on Aesculap Akkurata

Aesculap Akkurata Clipper/Trimmer just in time for West Coast Groom Fest.

2 year warranty, 5,700 strokes/min, Lithium battery technology, economic design for groomers with bad hands, extremely light, ideal for backs, belly, heads, necks, feet and faces! 3-way adjustable blade cuts closer than a Wahl5 in 1 blade.  Uses Wahl stainless steel combs.  CSA Approved.  Till June 30, 2023

Package Deals

Package Deal One: Aesculap Akkurata Pack + 1 Free Akkurata DLC Coated Blade + Show Tech Instant Ice Blade Spray
$309.99 (TOTAL VALUE: $81.98 in Extras!)

Package Deal Two: Aesculap Akkurata Pack + 1 Aesculap Comb Set + 1 Free Blade Drive + Show Tech Instant Ice Blade Spray.
$309.99 (TOTAL VALUE: $66.98 in Extras!)

Package Deal Three: 10% OFF your Aesculap Akkurata Pack.
$278.99 (A Savings of $30.99! )