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Package Deal on Aesculap Exacta

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Aesculap Exacta Trimmer just in time for West Coast Groom Fest.

Ergonomic, quiet, light, trimmer for faces, ears and paws

Designed and made in Germany
2 year Warranty
Reliable with a longer service life
Exacta replaceable cartridge (can be sharpened by a few sharpeners)
Clipping length is 0.5 mm (#30)
Suitable for detail work at grooming salons and veterinarian surgeries
NiMH 120 min battery with 90 minute charging time
Speed 5700 spm
GT 608 replacement blade or GT608 DLC Coated Blade available.  Till June 30, 2023

Package Deals

Package Deal One:Aesculap Exacta Clipper Pack + 1 Free Exacta DLC Coated Blade + Show Tech Instant Ice Blade Spray
$229.99 (TOTAL VALUE: $75.98 in Extras!)

Package Deal Two: 10% OFF your Aesulap Exacta Clipper Pack.
$206.99 (A Savings of $22.99! )