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Pet Silk Manuka Honey Package

If you are looking for a natural and effective way to pamper your pet’s coat and skin, you might want to check out this package deal that includes three products made with New Zealand sourced manuka honey. Manuka honey is a special type of honey that has powerful antioxidants and soothing properties that can help your pet have a stronger, healthier, and shinier coat. Here are the products included in this package deal:

  • Manuka Honey Shampoo: This shampoo has natural cleansers that gently remove dirt and impurities from your pet’s coat and skin. It also contains real manuka honey that moisturizes and nourishes the coat and skin, leaving them soft and smooth. This shampoo is suitable for all types of coats and skin conditions.
  • Manuka Honey Conditioner: This conditioner is a perfect complement to the shampoo, as it further hydrates and protects your pet’s coat and skin. It also contains real manuka honey that adds shine and softness to the coat, while soothing any irritation or inflammation on the skin. This conditioner is ideal for dry, brittle, or damaged coats and skin.
  • Manuka Honey Spray: This spray is a versatile product that can be used as a leave-in conditioner, a detangler, or an anti-static spray. It also contains real manuka honey that boosts the health and appearance of your pet’s coat and skin. This spray is great for very dry hair and winter conditions, as it helps prevent static electricity and frizz.


With this package deal, you can give your pet the best care possible with the natural benefits of manuka honey. Your pet will love the gentle and refreshing scent of these products, and you will love how easy they are to use. Order now and save $18.99 off the regular price!