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Les Poochs Botanique Hypoallergenic Crème Rinse

Ultra light Pooch Botanique Crème Rinse will leave your pet’s coat feeling silky smooth, never greasy. It’s mild, fragrance-free formula provides the detangling power you need without the heavy oils and humectants that weigh fur down and prevent skin from breathing. Dilute it with 10 parts distilled water to create a luxurious leave-in conditioner for extra moisturizing and manageability.

For ultra-mild, effective cleansing and conditioning:

  •  Thoroughly wet pooch
  •  Lather, work Pooch Botanique Hypoallergenic Shampoo through the coat, massaging to free dirt and particles
  •  Be careful of eyes and ears
  •  Rinse until the coat feels clean
  •  Pour the crème rinse along Pooch’s back and work into the coat
  •  Brush through any matts with the Les Poochs brush which fits your dog’s coat type
  •  Rinse

Developed in the south of France by chemists and elite pet industry professionals, Les Poochs shampoos, crème rinses, and bathing products are made from the finest ingredients around the world.