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Show Tech Easy Push Down Liquid Dispenser

Introducing the Show Tech Liquid Dispenser, a groundbreaking liquid dispenser specially made for the pet industry. Make healthcare routines easy and fun with our user-friendly dispenser, ideal for tasks such as ear and eye cleaning. With its smart design and handy pump system, the Show Tech Liquid Dispenser ensures smooth application of cosmetic liquids, providing a flawless experience for professional groomers, pet owners, and their furry friends.

No more messy and complex cleaning procedures. Our Show Tech Liquid Dispenser streamlines the process, allowing you to use it with accuracy and comfort. Enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of the Show Tech Liquid Dispenser, the ultimate solution for keeping your pet’s hygiene and wellness. Order yours today and explore the joy of simplified pet care brought to you by Show Tech!

It’s all in the details:

  • The Show Tech pump dispenser is designed for storing and applying liquids.
  • The built-in pump system in the dispenser ensures optimal usage of liquids, reducing unnecessary evaporation and wastage.
  • It is easy to use for products such as eye and ear cleaning solutions, as well as other cosmetic liquids. The bottle has a capacity of 120ml.


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