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Show Tech+ Electric Spray Bottle 1 L

Introducing the USB rechargeable sprayer

Do you want a sprayer that is innovative and easy to use? With the Electric Spray Bottle, Show Tech+ is offering a new product to the market.

This electric sprayer can be used for many purposes, like washing your car, refreshing your face on a hot day, moistening the air, watering your plants, and most importantly applying products fast while working in your grooming salon! Disinfecting is more essential than ever and very easy with this advanced spray bottle. With the micro water pump and the adjustable nozzle, you can effectively and evenly disinfect all surfaces like chairs, tables and tools.

It has a stronger spraying frequency than a non-electric one and with the design being larger in size and volume (1000 ml), this sprayer is great for heavy-duty use and lets you save time! If used well, you will also need less product. No more messing with small bottles and frequent refilling.

The Show Tech+ Electric Spray Bottle has 3 handy modes: wide range, misty spray and straight jet spray. With the wide and adaptable spray width, it is perfect for applying products like our detangler Show Tech+ Quick Fix Spray or other liquid products while grooming your dog. The lights on the sprayer show how much power is left and the ergonomic handle lets you spray with comfort.


It’s all in the details

  • Battery capacity: 2000 mAh 3.7 V Battery life: 3-5 hours Charging: included charge cable with micro-USB. 3 to 4 hours from 0% battery life to fully charge.
  • Water volume: 1 L
  • Micro water pump
  • Lights on the sprayer head show the remaining power


Note: do not use oil in this product as this may clog the sprayer.