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Show Tech Expertino Cordless Clipper - Coming Soon!

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In the realm of grooming, where precision and innovation intersect, the Show Tech Expertino trimmer emerges as a paragon. This compact, cordless marvel is revolutionizing pet grooming for both dogs and cats, establishing new standards of excellence.

The Expertino detail trimmer is the quintessential instrument for achieving a meticulous finish. Its ultra-fine teeth are specially designed for the intricate spaces between tiny paws, ensuring a safe grooming experience. Tailored for precision, this trimmer excels in refining sensitive regions such as the head, muzzle, abdomen, and tail. It’s also transformative for crafting pristine feet and toes. The trimmer’s lightweight, streamlined, and ergonomic build affords a comfortable hold, adaptable for both corded and cordless use.

The trimmer is energized by a robust lithium-ion battery, delivering 180 minutes of operation and a swift 2-hour recharge cycle. Mastery over the device is maintained with an LED display that indicates three levels of battery life.

A harmonious blend of safety and finesse is achieved with a 0.5mm blade and a pair of combs, providing a velvety finish while reducing vibration and noise. The Show Tech Expertino trimmer stands as a distinguished example of sophisticated grooming tools, inviting you to partake in a hassle-free and delightful trimming journey.

Elevate your pet to a grooming icon with the Show Tech Expertino trimmer! Your pet is already a luminary, and this trimmer will accentuate their allure to the epitome of elegance. Attain an impeccable, polished appearance with ease.

Fueled by a high-caliber lithium-ion battery, indulge in up to 180 minutes of grooming bliss on a full charge, complemented by a rapid 2-hour replenishment. The LED indicator keeps you informed with three distinct battery life statuses.

The Expertino’s blade, with its micro-fine teeth, not only prioritizes safety during grooming but also assures a flawlessly sleek finish. Advance your grooming prowess and bestow upon your pet the celebrity treatment they merit with the Show Tech Expertino trimmer!

The Devil is in the Details:

  • The ideal Detail clipper for petite dogs & cats, adept for small anatomical features like Feet, Muzzle, ears, tail, etc.
  • Aerodynamic and Featherweight Ergonomics
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation, making the Expertino perfect for diminutive or skittish dogs.
  • Minimal Vibration
  • A Trimmer that distinguishes itself as one of the most elegant & potent in the contemporary grooming industry.
  • Unique & Artful Design crafted by Kitty Dekeersgieter.

Product specifications:  

  • Battery type: Lithium battery 
  • Charging time: 2 hours 
  • Charging : USB  
  • Using time: 180 minutes 
  • Speed: 6000 R.PM 
  • Blade:  
  • 440C stainless-steel lower blade  & Ultrafine ceramic upper blade with revolutionary titanium coating for a longer lasting cutting edge 
  • Blade length : 0,5mm 
  • Width of blade 37mm 
  • You can order this Show Tech Expertino blade seperate ( 21STE097), this blade can not be sharpened, this needs to be replaced when needed. 

Clipper measurement:

147x33x36 mm* ( LxHxB)  

Productweight: 140 gram 

* All measurements are approximate.   

Included :

  • 1 Show Tech Expertino Trimmer  
  • 1 Show Tech Expertino blade  
  • 1 USB charging Cable 
  • 2 Plastic snap on combs ( 3 – 4.5 - 6 – 9mm)  
  • 1 Cleaning Brush