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Show Tech Groom Stone Pro

There are many great hand stripping tools, one being stones. This might seem a bit strange at first sight, but they are actually a great and very effective instrument to help you achieve the look you want for your dog. The Show Tech groom(ing) stones allow you to pull out dead and loose hair from a coarse and wiry coat without damaging it. They are also fantastic to quickly remove stubborn pet hairs from your couch, carpet, car seats or other fabric-covered surfaces. 

Your stepping stone to success 

This professional long-lasting grooming stone may be used as an aid to hand stripping and also as a finishing tool to remove loose hairs and give a smoother, cleaner finish. It is perfect for use on show dogs and allows you to pull out dead and loose hair from the coarse and wiry coat without damaging it. The uneven surface of the stone traps loose hair, which makes the Groom Stone Pro fantastic for removing loose hair from any surface, even clothes and soft furnishings! It can be used for short-haired dogs that are moulting and is even good for use on horses because it helps you to remove hair, dirt, mud and dander. 

This tool is ideal for hand stripping show dogs, especially in situations where every hair is important and when the hairs must be totally hand-stripped in their entire length without damaging or breaking them. It is also great to restore a bad coat e.g., if your beloved four-legged friend’s coat has been clipped, scissored or stripped with a sharp stripping knife. By regularly pulling out the soft dull hairs from root to tip, there will be place again in the follicles for healthy wiry hairs to grow back! 

Unlike traditional stripping stones, they leave almost no residue in light-coloured coats. Because they are made of a denser material, they also keep their form longer and wear away less easily than stripping stones, which are made from a softer material.  
Thanks to the very light design, the Show Tech Groom Stone Pro fits perfectly in your hand palm and ensures a comfortable grip. In a nutshell: this stripping tool is easy and a pleasure to use! 

It’s all in the details 

  • Perfect for stripping coarse, wiry-coated breeds like terriers, schnauzers, spaniels and all other coats that need to be hand-stripped, for short-haired dogs that shed hair all year round and also for horses and cats 
  • Used to pull out dead and loose hair without damaging the coat 
  • Great to restore a damaged or soft coat that has been clipped or incorrectly stripped 
  • Can also be used to remove stubborn pet hairs from your couch, carpet, car seats or other fabric-covered surfaces 
  • No odour 
  • Light and easy to use 
  • Doesn’t break easily and leaves less residue than traditional stripping stones  
  • Material: pumice stone 
  • Dimensions: 13 x 5 x 3.5 cm 
  • Note: Stripping should not hurt your dog. If the hairs are ripe and ready to come out, you’re basically just pulling out dead hair, which should come out easily.