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Show Tech Nail Fix Styptic Powder 14 g

Knowing and seeing where to clip a nail can be difficult, especially with dark coloured nails and even if you are very careful when clipping your dog’s nails, accidents can happen. Have you accidentally cut the quick of your dog's nails? Show Tech Nail Fix Styptic Powder comes to the rescue!

First aid for nail accidents

This haemostatic powder quickly stops the bleeding in a clean way so that you can cut or trim your pooch’s nails without making a mess.

It’s all in the details

  • Haemostatic powder
  • Quickly stops the bleeding
  • For dogs, cat and small pets

Use instructions

Apply a pinch of styptic powder to the bleeding area, using moderate pressure until the bleeding stops. In order to stop the bleeding, it is important to push on the nail and not to rub it as friction will accelerate the bleeding. Do not use in deep wounds, body cavities or burns. If the bleeding does not stop, we advise you to consult a veterinarian.

Don't want to lose precious time? Before cutting the nails, always have the Stop Bleed Holder filled with Nail Fix ready, together with a paper towel. In case of an accident, you can immediately stop the bleeding without spilling blood on yourself, the dog or the table. Proceed as follows:

  1. Press the paper against the bleeding nail.
  2. In the meantime, take the Stop Bleed Holder with your other hand.
  3. Take the paper away from the nail and immediately press the nail into the Stop Bleed Holder. You will notice that some powder sticks to the bleeding nail.
  4. With your thumb, press the powder firmly against the nail. After a few seconds the bleeding will stop.

It is recommended to make sure the original Nail Fix container is securely closed and stored in a dry place. Do not ingest or let your pet lick the product. Harmful if swallowed. Causes serious eye irritation. Causes corrosion on metal. Please keep this product away from scissors and blades.