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Show Tech Paw Grip Anti-Slip Spray 150 ml

Prevent slips and falls for your furry friends with Show Tech Paw Grip - an anti-slip spray that forms a thin film on the soles of their paws. This transparent spray is perfect for show dogs or for any dog or cat owner who wants to create a safe environment for their pets. Whether your pet is rehabilitating from surgery or you want to prevent slips on wet or slippery surfaces, Paw Grip is an easy and effective solution.

The spray is easy to apply and dries quickly without irritating your pet's paws. It's also safe to use indoors and outdoors without damaging floors. Paw Grip is recommended by professional handlers and is an indispensable product for dog shows, competitions, and training sessions. Keep your furry friends safe and confident with Show Tech Paw Grip!

Key details:

  • Anti-slip spray to minimize slip hazards
  • Suited for dogs and cats
  • Recommended by professional handlers

Made in France