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Show Tech Pro Blades SS Snap-on Comb Set 9 pcs

With the help of a snap-on comb, clipping your dog goes much faster. You can work more efficiently and thus, save a lot more time. Snap-on combs are very user-friendly. They lift the coat, so you can clip quickly and evenly to the desired length. You get to create the style you want, and you won’t have to scissor that much afterwards when doing the finishing.

There is also less strain on your fingers and wrists, which ensures that you will be surprisingly less tired after a long day at work. The combs are also perfect if you are not yet that experienced. They help you apply the right length super-fast and without doubts. The result is a smooth finish.

Thanks to this handy set, you have all your favourite Show Tech snap-on combs at hand! The stainless-steel combs are suitable for all regular blades like those from Show Tech, Oster and Heiniger (except for the Aesculap Favoritas and the Show Tech Wide blades).

The set includes 9 sizes (3, 6, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25 and 32 mm). To be used on a #30 blade in order to avoid damage to your blade. If you use a 10 or 15 the finishing will not be as smooth. That’s why we strongly recommend you to use the 30 blade.

If you are looking for efficient grooming tools that buy you a great deal of time, then this set is a must have!


Use instructions

The combs have 2 hooks on the back. Simply click them on the back part of your blade and pull forwards. The spring will allow you to snap the comb over the blade. Thanks to the front ledge in the snap-on comb, the side guard and the 2 hooks at the back, the blade is now totally secured on all 4 sides and will not snap off.

To remove the snap-on comb from the blade, gently push it in a forward position until the spring allows the blade to pass the front ledge (don’t bend or try to pull).

Always use the snap-on combs on well-washed, blow-dried and brushed coats. They can be used on any curly coat (such as a Poodle, Bichon Frise) or silky coat (Maltese, Shih Tzu, York Terrier) and when speed and commercial efficiency are your priorities.

Choose your desired length of snap-on comb and using gentle strokes, clip the coat in either the direction of the coat growth or against it. Comb the coat, repeat this process, then comb again and scissor the coat for a perfect finish.

The combs can be used with or against the coat growth depending of the coat type. You can achieve an excellent and sometimes even better finish clipping against the coat growth. Keep in mind that clipping in the opposite direction of the coat growth results in a shorter finish, so start with using a slightly longer snap-on comb.

Caution: Never use a size 40 or 50 blade on these snap-on combs. These types of blades are narrower, causing the teeth from the comb to get stuck in the blade and thus breaking the teeth of your blade.