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Show Tech+ Pure Coat Degreasing Shampoo 1:35 dilution

(Price per 1 litre diluted as low as$0.56 CAD)

Super degreasing shampoo

Like people, some dogs and cats can have greasy skin and coat. To help degrease, deep cleanse and add volume to your four-legged friend's coat, Show Tech+ has created the Pure Coat Degreasing Shampoo.


Pure and clean

This marvellous shampoo is extremely degreasing and deep cleansing. With its specially developed, highly concentrated (1/35) formula, it removes all sebum, oil and product build-up from the skin and balances the pH of the coat and skin. By using this rebalancing shampoo on your cat or dog, its coat will look clean, neutral and natural.

The Pure Coat shampoo has an effective and long-lasting deodorising effect. It provides high degreasing and has an extreme cleaning power, making it ideal for deep cleansing of the skin and neutralising odours. As this shampoo degreases, it will also boost your dog’s hair and add volume to it.  

Pure Coat is also a very effective stain remover, even the most difficult, greasy and extremely dirty spots in the coat will be cleaned! It also comes in handy after using oily products such as ointment in the treatment of an ear infection. Residues from oil-rich products will be effortlessly eliminated. If you have a breed with long ears, this degreaser is also a must-have! Dogs like Cocker Spaniels often have very dirty and greasy ears due to naturally oily skin and high sebum production. With the Pure Coat Degreasing Shampoo, you can easily get rid of the sebum excess on your furry friend’s coat. Bang!


It’s all in the details

  • Extremely degreasing and deep cleansing
  • Helps you to quickly and easily get oil, grease and dirt out of the pet’s hair
  • Adds volume to the coat
  • Highly concentrated: dilution ratio of 1/35
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs, for all breeds and colours
  • This is a shampoo for the first wash. If necessary, we advise you to wash the dog’s coat for a second time with a moisturising shampoo or any other appropriate shampoo for your pet’s coat type/colour.
  • Use instructions
  • Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, this shampoo should only be used diluted (1 part shampoo - 35 parts water). After diluting the shampoo, mix well and apply it within 24 hours.
  • Suitable for dogs and cats. Cats have a naturally oily and sebum-rich skin. Excess sebum and oil are tackled effectively with this shampoo. For dogs, this shampoo is intended to be used for a first wash. After using the Pure Coat Degreasing Shampoo, we recommend a second wash with a moisturising shampoo.