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Show Tech Scissor & Shear Oil 10 ml

Frequent use subjects scissors to considerable wear and tear. Accumulated hair, finger oils, moisture, and chemicals can clog the blades during pet grooming. Additionally, blade movement friction may lead to an unpleasant squeaking sound. This indicates a need for lubrication to maintain optimal performance.

Maintaining Grooming Tools

Scissors in daily use require routine cleaning and lubrication. For this purpose, Show Tech Scissor & Shear Oil has been specifically formulated.

Application Guidelines

Prior to lubrication, ensure all hair is cleared from the scissors.

If you’ve been grooming for roughly 20 minutes, employ a gentle hairbrush, such as the Show Tech Scissor Shear Clean, to brush away residual hair from the blades.

Apply a single drop of oil to the pivot area adjacent to the screw on each side. Open and close the scissors several times to distribute the oil. Wipe off any surplus oil from the blades with a tissue to avoid contaminating a freshly groomed coat. Remember, only specialized scissor oil should be used for this task!