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Show Tech+ Speed Clean Mousse 200 ml

(Price per 1 litre diluted as low as$0.95 CAD)

Introducing Speed Clean: the no-rinse shampoo that offers an instant refreshing effect. Perfect for pets who are afraid of water, those who need a quick clean-up or for use on the go. Here are the features and benefits:


  • Instant spray shampoo for superficial or full coat cleaning
  • No rinsing required
  • Suitable for dogs and cats, and for all coat types and textures
  • Available in a spray (500 ml) or a foamy mousse (200 ml), both ready-to-use and extremely economical
  • Ph: 6.7


  • Effortlessly cleanses dirty hair and eliminates odours, leaving the coat with a fresh scent
  • Innovative formula with aloe vera extract revitalises, refreshes and cleanses the hair without making it sticky, heavy or dry
  • Absorbs sebum, mud, urine, product residues and other dirt without changing the texture of the coat
  • Mild and well-tolerated by the skin, suitable for pets with sensitive skin
  • Can be used on all colours without changing the natural colour of the coat
  • Ideal for travelling, in between washes or at dog shows
  • Excellent for daily maintenance

How to use:

  1. Spray the product evenly over the hair until it is thoroughly damp, while layering the coat or pushing it open.
  2. Massage thoroughly and leave on for 2-5 minutes.
  3. Rub (or for longer coats, squeeze) the hair dry with a microfibre towel.
  4. Brush out the coat with an appropriate brush.
  5. Dry the coat using a dryer or blaster for best results.


  • When used on cats, make sure the animal cannot lick the product.
  • We recommend brushing and drying the coat thoroughly after treatment with Speed Clean.