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Show Tech + Strengthening Colestral 300 ml

Strengthening Colestral & chalk helper

Is your dog’s coat dry or damaged or do you wish to restore its shine and long-lasting vitality? Preparing your dog for a show and looking for an efficient product that makes sure the chalk powder you’re applying stays in the coat?
Time to repair, bye brittle hair

The Show Tech+ Strengthening Colestral is coming to the rescue! It is in the first place a treatment that allows you to repair and restore the moisture to damaged and dehydrated hair. If your dog’s furnishings, beard or other long-haired parts are brittle and dry, then this product will help you in retaining the natural moisture.

Another benefit is that it strengthens the skin, making your dog’s coat look healthier and better than ever before! Not only does it have a great effect on your four-legged friend’s hair quality, but it is also the perfect foundation for applying chalk and other powders to the coat. By using this Colestral cream, it will stick to the coat, which in turn will ensure that the (chalk) powder sticks to the cream.

It’s all in the details

  • Helps repair and restore the moisture to damaged and dehydrated coats
  • Strengthens the skin
  • Ideal to help apply chalk and other powders to the coat
  • Formulated with nourishing and revitalising oils (argan, coconut, jojoba and lavender oil), vitamin A which helps repair the skin, and biotin (vitamin B7), better known as a vitamin that boosts the health of the hair and nails
  • The subtle floral lavender fragrance has a soothing and relaxing effect, creating a feeling of pure wellness

Use instructions

When to use 
You can use the Show Tech+ Strengthening Colestral:

  • as frequently as the coat needs it. This conditioner is full of fats and lipids to help restore and rehydrate your dog’s coat.
  • daily to protect the beard, furnishings and other long-coated parts. If you use this cream daily, don’t forget to every other day give these parts a wash and then start over again.
  • the night before washing your dog to give extra moisture to the coat.
  • just before using chalk to help it stick to the coat.
  • just after washing as a conditioner or as maintenance between dog shows.

How to use
Apply a small amount of the Show Tech+ Strengthening Colestral on a dry or wet coat. The advisable amount is that comparable to a hazelnut. If your dog has a fine coat, start with only half a hazelnut. Rub the cream between your two hands and massage the product gently into the coat.
You can also use this cream as a conditioner after having given a bath to your dog. Dilute the product (1:5 ratio), mix it and apply to the coat.
Another way to apply it, is by diluting 10 parts water and one part Colestral cream in a spray bottle and then, spraying it on your dog. If you do it this way, it’s highly recommended to use distilled water because tap water contains bacteria.

Although using Colestral is very good for the coat, the moisture also may attract dirt. We recommend rewashing the dog’s coat at least once a week.

If you used the Colestral with chalk or volumizing products, please wash and moisturise the coat within 24 hours so the coat stays healthy and protected.