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Show Tech+ Super Clean 40

(Price per 1 litre diluted as low as$0.65 CAD)

Deep cleaning, highly concentrated paste shampoo

Every world needs a hero. In the world of dog grooming, we have one too: the Show Tech+ Super Clean Shampoo. Want to intensely cleanse your dog’s coat and skin? This amazing professional shampoo in paste form comes to the rescue! Its super powers are countless.

Your superhero

The Super Clean 40 leaves the hair oh so fresh and spotless, exceptionally shiny and full, without changing its structure. It keeps the hair supple and strong, cleans the coat and skin and removes all dirt, grease and accumulations of styling products. Even the oiliest and extremely dirty coats are intensely cleansed with this effective shampoo. The Super Clean 40 also cleans thicker coats without any problems. With a good washing technique and the right use, it can thoroughly clean a thick, woolly coat.

The Super Clean 40 rebalances and prepares the hair for the next wash, making it perfect as a pre-wash shampoo.

In addition, this mild but deeply cleansing shampoo contains active ingredients that neutralise unpleasant odours. Thanks to its highly concentrated formula, it is also economical and highly suitable for frequent professional use. Truly a must-have for groomers and breeders!

It’s all in the details

  • Professional shampoo that intensively cleanses and degreases
  • Mild for the coat and skin
  • Highly concentrated: 1/40
  • Economical in use and effective
  • Extremely suitable for frequent professional use
  • Ideal for the pre-wash but also as main shampoo
  • Suitable for every coat type, colour and breed
  • For dogs and cats

Use instructions

  • Take a washing basin and put 1 l warm (!) water in it. Add 2 tablespoons of the shampoo, mix it well with the water using the spoon and let it dissolve. After mixing, you can pour the shampoo into a mixing bottle, but if you want to save time and create a thick layer of foam immediately, it is better to apply the shampoo with a sponge, brush or gloves. Take the sponge and immerse it in the basin. Apply the diluted shampoo using the sponge and rub well into the coat until you have a rich lather. Leave for 5 minutes, then rinse well with water that is slightly warmer than lukewarm (the ideal temperature is 36 °C).