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Show Tech Tear Stain Remover


We humans are only properly washed in the morning once we have eliminated those boogers from our eyes. But what about our beloved quadrupeds? The reddish-brown staining around the eyes is a frequent problem amongst cats and dogs.  

Bye bye dirty eyes 

Our advice: keeping the eyes dry and regular cleaning. Haven’t found the perfect product yet? Stop searching because we have developed the Show Tech No More Tear Stains for you!  

This eye cleanser, available in 250 ml or 1 L, is designed to remove tear stains and for complete care in and around the eyes, but also if you want to get rid of brownish stains in the beard and between your pet’s toes. No More Tear Stains helps to decongest and unblock the blocked, swollen tear ducts.  

 Why should I use the No More Tear Stains? 
 The first reason is obvious: these stains just look messy. But there is another important reason. If the eyes of your cat or dog aren’t thoroughly cleaned every now and then, the unsightly stains will become more stubborn and difficult to get rid of!  
 Excessive tear production and dirty eyes are also very annoying for your furry friend. Cat and dog owners who truly love their animals, will without doubt do anything to alleviate and resolve this cosmetic but often also health related issue.  

It’s a fact: if all the above sounds familiar to you, this fantastic eye cleanser is an essential part of your pet care kit! 

 Why does my pet have tear stains? 
The reddish stains are actually caused by epiphora or put in more simple language: watery eyes and excessive tear production. Everything starts with a clogged tear duct, the canal that runs from the eye to the nose. Tears have a low pH, which means they are lightly acidic. If the tears stay on the coat all the time, the hairs around the eyes will die and turn brown. Thanks to the oxidation-inhibiting effect of the No More Tear Stains, the coat will retain its natural colour. 

Tear stains can be related to many different issues: 

  • A (food) allergy or an improper diet. Often, once a dog with a food allergy has his diet changed to grain free food, the staining problem is resolved.   
  • Teething or an ear infection. 
  • Genetic issues such as ingrowing eyelashes, inverted eyelids, shallow eye sockets or a short nose. The production of tears can result from eye irritation or eyes being unable to drains the tears because the drain holes near the eyes are too small.  

We always advise you consult your veterinarian to see if there is no underlying health issue that needs to be treated.  

It’s all in the details 

  • Tear stain remover 
  • Best-selling product! 
  • Eye care product for dogs and cats 
  • Available in 250 ml and 1 L