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Show Tech+ Timaha Clay Shampoo 20:1 dilution

(Price per 1 litre diluted as low as$2.14 CAD)

*Very Fragrant*

Purifying and restoring clay shampoo 

Are you a professional dog groomer, breeder or owner and looking for a purifying shampoo that gives instant results? We have what you need! This innovative clay-based and concentrated shampoo is a pure luxury treatment for the dog’s coat, from hair root to tip. 

 Pure wellness 
 With its deeply nourishing and restoring properties, it creates a healthy and strong coat structure that feels natural and gives a long-lasting, deep shine. The fruit extracts not only help to moisturise, to prevent and tackle damaged coats, but in combination with the clay they also purify and degrease the coat. A feeling of pure wellness is created by the sparkling, fresh sweet scent.  

Another plus is that this shampoo works as a deodorant. It eliminates bad odours. Furthermore, the clay helps against irritations as well. If used regularly, the Timaha Clay Shampoo reduces skin irritation up to 50%. Your dog’s coat will be revived! 

Clay, you say?

Clay is well-known for its purifying properties. If you want to give a detox treatment to your dog’s coat and skin, this shampoo is the solution. It’s perfect if the dog’s coat is heavy from styling products after a dog show or polluted from walking around in the city.  

 It’s all in the details 

  • Clay based purifying and detoxing shampoo 
  • High concentration 
  • Gives a real brilliant shine 
  • Ideal for long-haired, double, woolly coats and coats that require deep hydration Recommended for maintaining the coat between dog shows  
  • Available in 1 L and 4.5 L