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Show Tech Twinkle Micro Mist Bottle Black 300ml

As a dog groomer, you often need a wide range of liquids, from detangling spray to scissoring spray, on a daily basis. To add a personal touch to your grooming salon, Show Tech has developed this high-class Twinkle Micro Mist Bottle. Because of the black colour and little rhinestones, it’s perfect for all the fancy groomers and professionals out there! The luxurious design helps you make the perfect atmosphere in your grooming salon, thus creating an even more professional look.  

A gentle squeeze will release a burst of ultra-fine mist. Thanks to the practical and leakproof design, it allows you to distribute liquids evenly.* Maximum results guaranteed!  

The bottle has the convenience of an aerosol spray without the harmful chemical propellants and pressurized gases that harm the environment as well as your lungs and health. It’s safe to say that it is kind to you, your beloved dog and the planet.  

* All your favourite styling products except for oil or disinfectant can be applied and distributed in our spray bottles.