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FurBabies Long Tine Slicker Brush (Large or Small)

These slicker brushes, similar to the Coral CC slicker, boast a higher pin count compared to the Russian slicker brush, the Black CC, or the Tangle teaser. They are designed to untangle and eliminate knots in lengthy and challenging coats, reaching the root to extract elusive undercoat. The long pins are adept at penetrating dense coats, while the flexible cushion offers a gentle touch.

The brushes are uniquely designed with a severely curved back, simplifying the task of brushing hard-to-reach areas. The handle is ergonomically designed and extended in length to minimize hand and arm strain. Both brushes come in a vibrant shade of purple.


4” wide by 3.5” deep|
1.16"/3cm tines

3.5" wide by 2.5' deep
1.16"/3cm tines