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The Sentinel H11 Super White Chalk Block

The Sentinel products are indispensable when grooming wire-haired breeds. Now, this luxury brand welcomes a fantastic new product perfect when hand stripping: The Sentinel Super White Chalk Block.   

 Chalked up  

This multi-purpose chalk block is a must-have when hand stripping wire-coated dogs. It consists of a mix of different high-quality ingredients that make sure you have a better grip on the coat when hand stripping. You can also use the Super White Chalk Block to chalk short-haired dogs, to whiten the coat and to create extra volume, like on the legs or head of a Westie. To create even more volume and to help the chalk adhere to wire-haired coats we recommend you use it in combination with the Strengthening Colestral.   

This first-class tool is handmade in Belgium with great care and passion, two things that are of great importance in the grooming industry. By purchasing a Super White Chalk Block, you can be sure that you have a top-quality product in your hands!  

It’s all in the details 

  • Chalk block of premium quality and handmade in Belgium  
  • Mix of different (chalk) powders  
  • Perfect when hand stripping wire-haired dog breeds
  • Chalk does not fall out of the coat
  • Beechwood case keeps chalk dry and ready to use  
  • Also ideal for chalking short-haired dogs, to create volume and to whiten the coat of, for example, a West Highland White terrier  
  • Weight: ± 185 g  
  • Dimensions:   
    Length: 7.7 cm  
    Width: 7.4 cm  
    Diameter: 3 cm* 

* All measurements are approximate.