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The Sentinel Stripper

The Sentinel Stripping knives are handmade and manufactured in Belgium under supervision of the famous breeder and groomer Rony Demunter. The materials used are a high-quality metal alloy which is stronger and lighter than other knives and very light - each knife weighs under 30 grams. The Beech wood used to produce the handles comes from sustainable European forests and the varnish is FCS approved as a safe A+ for the environment. 

The Sentinel stripping knives are available in five different styles of blade with either fine or wide handles to suit all groomers and each knife can be ordered in left or right-handed versions. These hand-crafted knives will not damage or break the coat and there is a knife suitable for all kinds of hand stripping, whether it’s detailing and finishing a show dog or for use on a commercial dog in the salon. 

The Sentinel Stripping knives have a lifetime warranty 


Extra Fine  For flat work and very sharp finish, for sensitive skin

The W5 is for all parts were the hair needs to be extra short such as on the cheeks, ears and head. 

Due to the very small micro teeth, this stripping knife is safe to use on sensitive skin.

W1 F

Fine For short parts like body blend and shoulders  

The W1 is mostly used for all flat work such as on the shoulders, neck and blending the long coat with the short parts.

W2 M

Medium This is a universal knife, for all short and medium parts in commercial grooming, especially the back or for all other work 

The W2 is ideal for stripping the jacket of coats like the fox terrier or for all universal work in the salon. 

W3 W

Wide teeth for West Highland White Terrier or Cairn Terrier head, jacket, long parts and legs on all breeds

The W3 is ideal on coarse coats and heavy work also sublime for working on the long coat from the legs or a Westie head and can be used overall on the Cairn Terrier. 

W4 C

Coarse For thick, long coats with undercoat and coats which are difficult to strip  

The W4 is for use for the thicker coats that are difficult to strip or that have waited a long time to be stripped.