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The Sentinel T11 Heavy Duty Comb Wide 17 cm

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Combing out a thick coat or one with mats can be difficult. A strong and at the same time light comb will help you. The Sentinel Heavy Duty Comb is just that!    

 Smart steel  

This professional comb, made in one piece and with a mix of different types of steel, is a clever piece of design. Despite being super strong, the Heavy Duty Comb is very light and ergonomic to work with. The special coating between the teeth grips the hair, making dematting and removal of dead hair and undercoat much easier. You can effortlessly remove mats, wool, and loose, thick undercoat without cutting or breaking off the hair and damaging the coat. With this unique comb, you create a coat that can be handled better and more efficiently.   

The indestructible Heavy Duty Comb is specially designed for curly coats, thick woolly coats with lots of undercoat, wire-haired dogs with furnishings around the head and legs or with mats, for the longer hair on breeds with little undercoat (e.g., spaniels) and for wire-haired dogs with abundant undercoat. For the latter, it helps to remove the coarse, woolly undercoat. Using this revolutionary top-quality comb saves a lot of time and energy! 

In short, the Heavy Duty Comb is a must-have in any business that likes to treat all dog coats with the utmost respect. 

It's all in the details 

  • The perfect comb for groomers and breeders, specially designed for heavy duty and frequent daily use   
  • The ultimate dematting tool that features a special, unique shape and coating  
  • Ideal for woolly coats like a golden retriever or a Newfoundlander, but also for a bobtail or a bearded collie, for example 
  • Weight: 57 g 
    Length comb: 17 cm 
    Height comb: 5.5 cm 
    Width comb spine: 0.5 cm 
    Length teeth: 44 mm 
    Width teeth: 1.9 mm 
    Spacing between 2 teeth: 6.1 mm* 

* All measurements are approximate.