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The Sentinel T41 Finishing Brush

If you want to make your dog look stunning for the show, you need the Sentinel T41 Finishing Brush. This brush is specially made in France for Terriers and Spaniels, with natural and high-quality materials. It has premium boar bristles that are thick and thin, and mounted on pins that can easily go through the coat. The pins are also on a rubber pad that adapts to the shape of your dog, so you can apply even pressure without damaging the coat.

The T41 Finishing Brush is versatile and effective. It can detangle long coats, smooth out top lines, and distribute natural oils along the coat, making it shiny and healthy. It can also massage your dog’s skin and stimulate hair growth, as well as improve your dog’s mood with its gentle touch.

Some features of the T41 Finishing Brush are:

  • Made in France with the best materials
  • Suitable for final finishing and daily maintenance
  • Designed for show ring use and easy to carry
  • Back: Varnished beech wood
  • Hair: Premium boar bristles
  • Brush pad: Rubber
  • Care instructions: Clean with a blaster regularly, do not use water
  • Brush size: Overall length: 19cm, Brush surface size: 10 x 5 cm, Handle size: 8 x 3cm