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Tikima Favona Jumpsuit

Achieve professional excellence with the Tikima Favona Jumpsuit

Are you a passionate dog groomer looking for the ideal mix of fashion and functionality? Look no more than the Tikima Jumpsuit - custom-made to improve your grooming experience and transform your work attire.

When passion meets style Designed with careful attention to detail, our jumpsuit is made to meet the specific demands of your profession. Whether you’re untangling knots or trimming fur, the Tikima Jumpsuit ensures you do it with both style and comfort. The jumpsuit proudly features an exclusive, handmade design, simple but chic, showcasing your dedication to the art of grooming. Let your passion show through while keeping a professional look that’s sure to impress. Say goodbye to hair sticking to your clothes during grooming sessions. The Tikima Jumpsuit is made with hair-resistant material, ensuring you can work with ease and efficiency, without worrying about clinging hairs. Every groomer deserves a jumpsuit that fits perfectly. Available in sizes from Small to XL, our collection ensures a comfortable and flattering fit for all body types, allowing you to move freely while radiating confidence. Choose from a range of enchanting colors - Classic Black & Cobalt Blue, Express yourself and stand out in the grooming industry while keeping a sleek and polished appearance. Grooming can get heated, but our jumpsuit’s smart design ensures you stay cool and calm. The short sleeves provide the perfect balance between coverage and ventilation, keeping you comfortable during even the busiest sessions.

It’s all in the details:

  • Hair-resistant fabric for a hassle-free grooming experience.
  • Smart design for comfort and ease during grooming tasks.


Tikima Favona Jumpsuit L  Black




Tikima Favona Jumpsuit XL  Black




Tikima Favona Jumpsuit  L Blue




Tikima Favona Jumpsuit XL Blue