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Tuffer Than Tangles Long Soft Pin Medium Slicker Brush


Simply the best professional slicker brush available… Long comfortable handle with contoured grip supports the perfectly curved head allowing easy access to difficult to reach places. The unique soft pad with specially angled teeth are the secret to the success of these fantastic brushes – there is no equal! Tuffer Than Tangles make speedy work of de-matting and brushing out thick coats and these brushes are extremely lightweight and ergonomic to reduce stress and fatigue in hand and wrist. The extra long, soft pins penetrate thick coats faster and deeper, the pins are super strong and yet still supple enough to quickly and easily brush out heavy coats without causing damage. A favourite among groomers and breeders for maintaining precious coats.

Tuffer Than Tangles brushes are designed by professionals for professionals to handle all coat types quickly, efficiently and in the most comfortable way for both groomer and pet. Each of these brushes are feather light and feature long, ergonomic handles to maximise performance and minimise groomer fatigue. The regular brushes with the pink pads are available in 2 sizes and are made especially for effective dematting of all breeds. The longer pin brush with the firm, black pad is perfect for brushing and maintaining thick, dense, and curly coats. Finally, the brush with the grey pad has long, soft pins for all kinds of delicate coats, show dogs and puppies. Trust Tuffer Than Tangles Professional Brushes to deliver amazing results.