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Wakizashi Stainless 8.5” Straight Shear

Wakizashi Grooming Scissors are delighted to offer the Micro Serrated edged Dog Grooming Scissor Collection.

Geib’s Micro-Serrated Edged Dog Grooming Scissors have been ergonomically designed from 440c Japanese Stainless Steel and are designed not to allow the hairs to slip or skip through thee tiny micro teeth.

Each hair that comes under the serration is cut immediately on the spot, even when the coat is oily. A serrate edge will help grip the dog coat, reduce the risk of pushing or folding the coat and reduce blade "fatigue" when the cutting edges may begin to become dull through constant use.

There is no doubt that it is a necessity of a dog groomer to own at least one pair of micro serrated dog grooming scissors. It will not only contribute towards to the finish of the trim, but will also give the versatility in the art of dog grooming.

Due to their design, micro serrated scissors work incredibly well on all dog coat types. However, they are fantastic on 'linty' type dog coats.