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Wakizashi Stainless 8.5” Straight Shear

Announcing the New Geib Micro-Serrated Edged Dog Grooming Scissors Collection

Wakizashi Grooming Scissors is proud to present the latest innovation in dog grooming scissors: the Micro Serrated edged scissors.

These scissors are made from 440c Japanese Stainless Steel and feature a unique design that prevents the hair from slipping or skipping through the small micro teeth.

The micro serrated edge cuts each hair instantly, even on oily coats. It also helps to hold the dog coat in place, avoid pushing or folding the hair, and extend the blade life by reducing the wear and tear from constant use.

Every dog groomer needs at least one pair of micro serrated dog grooming scissors. They will not only improve the quality of the trim, but also enhance the creativity and versatility of the dog grooming art.

The micro serrated scissors are suitable for all types of dog coats, but especially for those with a ‘linty’ texture.