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Yento High-Tech Series Cobra Chunker 20 Teeth 18cm – 7”

Are you a dog groomer and looking for scissors for perfect finishing with attention to detail on a heavy or fuller dog coat? Then the Yento High-Tech Series Cobra Chunker is made just for you!

Efficient and controlled scissoring

These chunker shears are perfect for finishing and detail work of coats that are heavier and thicker. Made of Japanese 440C stainless steel, a material of the highest quality, they are the ideal scissoring tool for every professional groomer. As the shanks are slightly shorter, this pair of chunkers lies very easily and well balanced in your hand. This combined with the shorter length of the shears (18 cm) gives you more control and allows you to scissor more precisely.

Not very experienced or afraid of scissoring too much hair in one go? No worries! As with all chunkers, only a part of the hair is cut each time you close the scissors. This is ideal when you need to create a certain shape, scissor in a specific angle or don’t want to cut off too much hair at once. Another important advantage of chunkers is that they won’t leave scissor lines in a fuller coat.

One of the scissor blades features very precise teeth with serrated edges, which allows the scissors to grip the hair better and makes them suitable to do the finishing on fuller dog coats. Not only do they cut great; they also look fabulous! These Cobra chunkers are hand finished and polished by talented craftsmen with the greatest attention to detail. They stand out thanks to the beautiful finger rest in the shape of a cobra and the trendy snakeskin pattern details.

It’s all in the details

  • Perfect for the finishing and detail scissoring work on thicker or fuller coats
  • Material: Japanese 440C stainless steel
  • 1 blade with micro-serrated teeth
  • Weight: 78 g
  • Width of the blade without teeth: 7.8 mm
    Width of the blade with teeth: 12 mm
    Total length of the chunkers: 18 cm*

*All measurements are approximate.